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A monumental experience in the city of Harlingen
The Bar from Anna
Heerlijk, Köstlich, Delicious, Delizioso, Délicieux, Läcker
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Phone number: +31 (0) 517-412 065
E-mail: booking@annacasparii.nl / info@annacasparii.nl

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Monumental sleeping and dining in one of the most beautiful seaports of the Netherlands.

Art, craft, talent? Everything for a excellent and unique cuisine.

The bar, Old English with billiards and a wide range.

Your car of course as close as possible. Six meters enough? Because that is the distance you have to walk. Oh yes, and a small amount for the cost.

There are a number of doorsteps in the hotel and the lobby. Keep in mind that you are not stumbling over them while using your smartphone!

You forgot your bike? No problem, because at Annacasparii we rent out bikes. Use of the garage is free of charge, and the charging also.