HOTELModern furnished rooms with excellent amenities.
RESTAURANTFar beyond Harlingen, a well-known phenomenon.
Bar/CaféDesigned according to the Old English Pub.

Enjoy Harlingen

A monumental experience

Hotel Anna Casparii in Harlingen is housed in three beautiful, impressive, monumental buildings dating from 1730 and located on one of the most beautiful inland ports of the Netherlands; the Noorderhaven. The Restaurant is well-known for its refined cuisine and excellent quality. A stay at Anna Casparii is more than complete and unforgettable! Welcome, Vincent and Nanda

Public Transport

TREININFORMATIEStation is a 10 minute walk.
FERRY ISLANDSThe ferry terminal is a 10 minute walk.
BUS INFORMATIONBusstation is a 10 minuten walk.

Explore The North of the Netherlands from AnnaCasparii

Harlingen and surroundings

Places of interest

Harlingen officially has 515 national monuments. The character of the city is thus determined. Combined with the seaport and its rich history, Harlingen is a highly sought-after goal of many tourists from home and abroad.

The Noorderhaven

One of the most beautiful inland ports on salt water is without a doubt the Noorderhaven. Flanked by old, stately facades and under the direct influence of ebb and flow, the stay here is more than pleasant.


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