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Discover Harlingen and its immediate area by bike or by car or by foot


Harlingen counts more than 500 monuments. The townhall is one of the most famous. If you want to know more about the history of this beautiful port city then check out this site.

Willem Barentsz Yard

In the Frisian seaport Harlingen becomes the expedition ship of Willem Barentsz. reconstructed. As far as possible, the Dutch construction method of the late 16th century is followed. This unique project is only realized by volunteers. Look here for more information.

Museum Hannemahuis

The Hannemahuis is the museum in Harlingen that recounted about the present and past of Harlingen and its surroundings. Via this link you will get there.

Caspar di Robles (De Stenen man)

In 1576, the monument on the seaside at Harlingen was set down (the oldest statue of the Netherlands), headed south and headed to the north. The original Januskop from 1576 is located in the Friesian Museum.