delicious is an understatement

reservation is recommended

Breakfast: 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Lunch: 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Anna’s twelve o’clock: 13.50
– Cup of tomato soup
– Healthy sandwich
– Croquette sandwich
– Glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
– Cup of coffee

TomatoSoup * 6
Fish soup 7.50
Saffron soup 7
Cheese soup * 6.50

Tosti, as desired. 4.50
Doorkeeper, as desired by 8
Burgundian croquettes, 7.50
Roast Beef Sandwich, 7.50
Healthy Sandwich, 8
Italian Talay Sandwich, 7.50

Peeled prawns, 12.50
Steak Tartare, 9.50
Fish Salad 9.50
Holland Shrimp Salad, 12.50
Palette dried ham 8.50
Fresh Feta cheese salad * 8.50

Schnitzel, schnitzel 14.50
Slip sole with fries, 19.50
Steak with fries, 18.50

Desserts *
Dame blanche 6
Hangop 6.50
Lemon cheesecake 6
Tartufo 7.50Sorbet 6
Coffee from Anna, 6.50
Dishes with an * can also be classified as vegetarian.
With these chefs which is just a problem to make your diet desirable.

Kitchen open til 21.00 ours
Reservation is recommended


Tomato Soup * 6
Fish Soup 7.50
Saffron Soup 7
Cheese Soup * 6.50

Peeled prawns 12.50
Steak Tartare 9.50
Fish Salad 9.50
Holland prawn salad, 12.50
Palette of ham and melon 8.50
Fresh Feta Cheese Salad * 8.50

Main courses
With an exquisite garnish

Skin baked Cod 19
Sea bass de papillar 19,50
Pasta various fish 18,50
Fish stew 19Slipton 3 pieces 23,50
Sea tongue 500 grams 42

Steak from the grill 22,50
Schnitzel gratinated 18,50
Mixed grill, 19,50
Rib Roast 18,50
Fried brie * 16,50

Desserts *
Dame blanche 6
Hangop 6,50
Lemon cheesecake 6
Tartufo 7.50
Fresh sorbet 6
Coffee from Anna, 6.50

For the children: special portions of the above dishes.
Dishes with an * can also be classified as vegetarian.
With these chefs, the only problem is making your diet desirable.

Restaurant & Menu
HOTELModern furnished rooms with excellent facilities.
Restaurant & Menu
RESTAURANTFar beyond Harlingen, a well-known phenomenon.
Restaurant & Menu
BAR/CAFÉFurnished according to Old English recipe and pool.

Public transport

Restaurant & Menu
TRAIN INFORMATIONstation 5 min. walk
Restaurant & Menu
Ferry's IslandsTerminal 5 min. walk
Restaurant & Menu
BUS INFORMATIONStation 5 min. walk

More than five hundred monuments in one city!

Discover Harlingen and more


Harlingen officially has 515 national monuments. The character of the city is thus determined. Combined with the seaport and its rich history, Harlingen is a highly sought-after goal of many tourists from home and abroad.

The Noorderhaven

One of the most beautiful inland ports on salt water is without a doubt the Noorderhaven. Flanked by old, stately facades and under the direct influence of ebb and flow, the stay here is more than pleasant.


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