Firdgum originated on a salt marsh. This natural height has in many ways determined the emergence of the cultural landscape in this region. Characteristic of Firdgum are the different mounds along the Hearewei, which have been erected on top of the salt marsh. The current village center lies at the junction between Hearewei and the Camstrawei. The latter road runs perpendicular to the salt marsh as a splitting axis through the length of the village area from the Ried (here still Mienskarleane) to the coast.

6 terpen The village area of Firdgum is wedged west and east by larger villages Tzummarum and Minnertsga. The narrow village area runs north to the Wadden coast.

Firdgum has around one hundred inhabitants and no fewer than six mounds. All are national monument. The eye-catcher is the 13th century church tower with bell from 1471. The tower belonged to the reformed church that was demolished in 1794. Also special is the reconstructed “turf house” with its turf walls. Once usual building material in the terpen area.

(Bron: Terpenenwierdenland | foto: Signumphoto)


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