While our dredgers build the most beautiful beach paradises all over the world, we mess around with a piece of sand in Harlingen that we call “beach”. And indeed between the mess and junk there and there is a piece of sand the size of a towel.

Because there are quite a few clubs that claim to protect the Wadden Sea with all their might, it is also impossible to come up with any plans for a nice tourist attraction. The overprotective measures to protect the Wadden Sea against anything and everything have resulted in the most boring and deadly coastal strip that we can imagine in our maritime country from Holwerd to Zurich.

Watching Seals: The seal is sunbathing on its sandbar just below Vlieland while our fighter planes fly in and out. In the meantime, the seal winks at the sun and sees the fighter jets fly by. They do not make much impression on the omnipresent animals. Nature is used to it, unlike people who are concerned about their quality of life and regularly disrupt their sleep and rest to do terribly important research.


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